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About Us

Dream Trees Childcare Inc. is...

A place where you can send your child knowing that he or she will be provided with the best possible care and education! We want to provide the right balance of family love and high quality education so that your child will feel the love and care that they receive at home while being educated and prepped for the next stage in their life. Providing our students with the right balance, not only allows our students to be comfortable, but also allows them to excel and grow at a faster rate.

Our curriculum focuses on the needs of each individual age group and prepares our students for when they are to go to the next level. Whether your child is going to school for the first time or getting ready to go to Pre-K or Kindergarten, our curriculum will prepare your child to be ready for what is expected of them in the next level. 

We encourage you to come check out our school and allow us to show you first hand what we mean! We would love to get know you and show you around our facility!


When can I register my child?

Registration for 3K For All and Pre-K For All usually takes place in January or February. If you wish to learn more about registering for the classes, please check out the Department of Education website below.

3K For All

Pre-K For All

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